KNX: Zennio HeatingBOX climate control - anyone?

I’m trying to configure some Zennio HeatingBOX components in HA. Currently I don’t have access to the ETS configuration as my installer is a bit stubborn regarding this matter, but that’s another story. Problem is, I can’t tell for sure, which communication objects are exposed over which KNX addresses and so I have to guess a bit.

It seems to work in principle. Current and target temperature in the HA widget match with what a inZennio Z41 panel is showing for the room. The target temperature can be changed on the panel and gets updated in the HA widget. But when changing the target temperature in the widget (detailed view), the number simply disappears and just shows ‘°C’. In this case the debug log doesn’t show any activity on the knx bus. When reloading the page, the number reappears, but unchanged.

Changing the operation mode seems to work from the panel as well as from the HA widget. I can see knx telegrams on the bus. Problem is, the mode on the Zennio panel doesn’t always match with the mode set or shown in HA.

At the moment I’m not sure, what causes these problems. It could be because of component attributes configured with the wrong knx data points in HA. Or if the Zennio panel is configured wrong. Or maybe it’s a bug in the HA KNX climate component.

This is the current HA configuration of the component I’m playing with:

   - platform: knx
     name: DG Bad Temperatur Raum
     temperature_address: '5/4/0'
     target_temperature_address: '5/4/1'
     operation_mode_address: '5/4/3'
     operation_mode_state_address: '5/4/4'

I also got an overview of the exposed knx data points together with the project documentation, containing knx group addresses for all exposed data points with their group address, data type and a short description (in german) . Don’t know if this is helpful in any way, but see yourself:

Is there anyone with a similar setup, using Zennio knx components, who could help me with the correct configuration?

I have the same problem. Are you make it work

Nope, and if nobody knows more about these devices, I think it will be trial and error to get the config right. Maybe I find some time next week to investigate further…

Well, after some more poking around, I have to withdraw my second statement about the operation modes not matching between the HA widget and the panel. In fact, this works like a charm when using the operation_mode_address / operation_mode_state_address attributes in the config. The operation mode mismatch only occurred when I previously assigned the group addresses 5/4/3 and 5/4/4 to controller_status_address, respectively controller_status_state_address.

But the problem with the temperature value disappearing still remains (kind of): Obviously, decreasing the target temperature from the widget works fine, but increasing fails.

I.e. I can decrease the temperature in the widget with the down arrow just as expected. In this case it also gets updated on the Zennio panel. But if I try to increase it (up arrow), the value disappears and the temperature can’t be changed anymore until I “restore” the value by selecting another operation mode. Then I’m again able to decrease the temperature with the down arrow until I hit the up arrow again:

This more and more feels like a bug in the knx climate component (or the climate widget), rather than a misconfiguration on my side. But there are no errors or warnings visible in the HA log. Even the debug log looks fine.

@dzungpv: Could you please check, if you observe the same behaviour in your case, i.e. decreasing the temperature works, but increasing doesn’t?

Yes, i have the same problem, Mode can work but not match form hass to knx device, it can show current room temperature and target temperature . With my Zennio KLIC-DI for Daikin VRV, night mode is cool mode. I also ask here as you can see the image, my device not exist setpoint_shift_address and setpoint_shift_state_address , which need for set temperature. You can post your device to control your HVAC(knx device connect to hvac) so i could tell you what value it support. From the ealier version they use setpoint_address but not exist in current version

Update: There is already an open issue for the “increase temperature via HA GUI” problem. @dzungpv: Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

After reading the comments about this issue, I don’t think, this can be solved by changing the HA or ETS config. This has to be addressed in the KNX climate component. Seems to be, the component depends on a properly configured setpoint shift knx object, but not all knx devices provide this object.

i have the same problem with KNX ABB termostat,
the down button works fine and the up button dont work,
I need help.

I have the same problem, the funny thing is that it does work when using the lovelace thermostat card.

Well, sort of…

If neither a setpoint shift value, nor min_temp and max_temp values are configured for an entity, the min and max temperatures can’t be calculated.

The difference is: The classic UI climate component throws an error, doesn’t handle it and breaks the UI, while the lovelace card uses a fallback to 0…100 degrees Celsius as min and max values.

With this fallback, the lovelace card is at least usable. But as said, in this case the target temperature value can be changed from 0°C to 100°C, which is of course a bit weird for a standard HVAC component. :slight_smile: