Kodi Component - Link to the Kodi Web


I’m not sure if this is the appropriate way to ask for things but I was wondering if whomever is working on the Kodi component can add a link to the Kodi Web so in one single click you can jump to the admin web and add new items to the repro queue, etc.

I’m using Chorus right now and i think wuld be cool to be able to jump to select what I want to see next righ from the Kodi card.


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Why not use the weblink component? https://home-assistant.io/components/weblink/

hey @balloob,

thanks for your response.

I had that before the change in the media Player view, from a user experience was just 1 card with the Kodi + the link to access the admin web.

now with the change in the Card (which BTW i like it very much) I cant repro the same view.

Adding a simple link to the card will allow end user to access to the admin web to select what they want to watch.

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Do you have example? I would like to fix that to:slight_smile: