Kostal Plenticore solar production not listed as soruce in Energy Manager

(first post, hopefuly in the correct category)

I saw the new “energy manager” in the menu of home assistant and I wanted to add my newly installed PV production in there.

Unfirtunately, while I found an addon for Kostal Plenticore Plus and managed to display and “historical grah” of it, no source shows up in the Energy Manager to put i there.

(I also ordere a SlimeLezzer to be able to read my smart meter from the company with the P1 port)

The only source i found in there was a Qubino shutter module who is able to report the wattage it’s consuming

I read in a post that the energy manager is fairly new and therefore a lot of addons are still not modified or possibly in a queue of Pull Requests.
I alos read that id my system/addon is not visible I should open a bug to the maintainer (i looked on GitHub of Core, it does not seem there is a request yet for this for the plenticore integration)

anyway, I was wondering in which state this is and what i need to do (it would appear i need to open the bug/request in Core)

thank in advance for the help !

I reply to myself, in case this is useful to someone else.

So I read somewhere that to be visible in energy management, you need to have a “total” type of sensor (which was a bit confusing to me).
In any case I ketp looking around and finally fount out that the Kostal integration has “total” sensors. They were disabled in my case (probably by the integration)

Adter enabling the one I wanted it became visible in “Energy Management” and I was able to set it up, yay !

(now I’ll make a feature request for that wizard/panel for a better UX, since in my case, the cabling imposed by the electricity network operator makes it so that I don’t have a “grid consumption” only a “total consumption” provided by my smart counter. So now I have to create a template sensor and reconfigure for the dashboard to work correctly)

Hello pierrep,

i´ve the same issue with my kostal plenticore inverter. I don´t have an entity in the energy dashboard for the solar production. I´ve all entitys activated but they aren´t shown in the energy dashboard as source for production.
But in my standard dashboard i see all production details (day, total, month, pv1, pv2, pv3, etc.).
I don´t understand why i can´t find the entity of the solar production?
I´ve also a Fronius Inverter too, and this i can add as production source in the energy dashboard.

Maybe you or anyone can give me an info.

Thank´s in advance.

Best regards.


I’m not sure what to tell you.
In my case for things were not activated and therefore were not showing up as source.

I’ve done a screen cap on my laptop I’ll attach it here