Landroid Cloud "Error setting up entry Worx -..."

Hello, i would use the landroid Cloud by hacs integration. But i get an Error.

2023-05-08 15:20:35.450 INFO (MainThread) [custom_components.landroid_cloud]

Issues · MTrab/landroid_cloud · GitHub

2023-05-08 15:20:35.455 DEBUG (MainThread) [custom_components.landroid_cloud] (Setup) Opening connection to Worx account for [email protected]

2023-05-08 15:20:37.727 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config_entries] Error setting up entry Worx - [email protected] for landroid_cloud

File “/config/custom_components/landroid_cloud/”, line 64, in async_setup_entry

File “/config/custom_components/landroid_cloud/”, line 208, in _async_setup ´

I have two Landroids called: …- oben and …-unten
Can i solve this, or is it only possible by using only one mower

If you would have looked at the issues on GitHub or better, you would just read the top of the Read me at the beginning, then you would not ask this kind of questions.


The beta is working kinda. It has some issues loosing connection and not recovering, but it is actually still worked on. The developer is busy with other things, but I think PRs are always welcome, if you are willing to fix that.

Living the busy life, so yeah - the development is going really slow.
But beta version is functioning for most users, some do experience connection issues requiring a reload - haven’t had the time to look more into that issue yet.


Hi all,
I’m also interested in this intergration. Can sombody pls tell me where can I find the beta?
Many thanks!

Hi. Today I install the new version. I used for 2 month beta version and it worked. New version doesn’t work. I try to reinstall last beta version but it doesn’t work too.
Anyone has the same problem?

Any details? Logs?

Please log an issue at GitHub - MTrab/landroid_cloud: Landroid Cloud component for Home Assistant (remember to fill in ALL required information)

Hi. I had 2 Landroid in my account and Landroid cloud didn’t work. I removed one of them and now it works.
Thank you for your support