Large Shelly installation


Question, we are planning our new house with over 70+ Shellies. We have a lot of experience with them 3+ years running in the current house without an issue. Now we want to levelup. We will be using MQTT…

What we want is the following, there are a lot of lights in the different rooms (read different shellies) that will need to behave the same. In example if the light is switched on after 01:00 it will need to switched on with brightness at 20. Or all ceiling lights in every room needs to be switched off after 1,5 hours being switched on.

Creating 70+ automations is a bit of an overkill. Is there another way of doing this? In example adding a light to a group / array have an automation monitor a group of lights?

Light groups will do what you want.

If you have 2 lights in a bedroom, example : light.bedroom_light_1 and light.bedroom_light_2, you can create a light.bedroom_lights_all that contains all of them.
You can then create a light.all_inside_lights that contains all the other light groups (ie, light.bedroom_lights, light.kitchen_lights etc).

This should make it straight forward to automate based on the group.

Hey, thanks!

In your example when you light.bedroom_light_1 by a switch. Will this trigger all the lights to be on?

No, by default it would only turn on light.bedroom_light_1 if that is what the switch is linked to.

However, you could technically set your shelly to detached mode, meaning that the physical switch that is light.bedroom_light_1 could actually be set to toggle light.bedroom_lights_all instead. Anytime you trigger the switch it would turn on or off all of the lights belonging to the grouped entity.

I’m not using Shelly’s yet (actually waiting for an order of a few) so I cannot give you the exact steps to do this setup, but as far as I know it should be possible. The switch becomes just a button, it then just needs to be mapped to toggle all the lights in the room (by using the group) rather than the specific relay within the shelly.