Last-changed is not confirmed by History & Logbook

There is a belief that “last-changed” really reflects a time when a state changes (at least if HA is not restarted).
Now I see that “last-changed” is not confirmed by History & Logbook.

There is a “device_tracker”.
Here is it’s current state:

Note that “last-changed” is “May 17, 2024 at 00:37:59”.
Same may be got by

But here is a History - and the state was not changed since 23:55:

Same with Logbook:

And same is shown by DB Browser:

The last change of a state was at same 23:55:


Assume that History & Logbook are based on DB.
Well, I see same point when a state was changed - 23:55.
Means - “last_changed” is WRONG.

P.S. This entity is provided by Mobile App, if it is important.

Frontend issue on Github
Core issue on Github - since not sure where it belongs to.

I think changing of attributes might update the value too, even though the state did not change.

Do you think that last-changed may be updated when a state is SAME?


I think so, but it might be something the different integrations decide.