Latest update broke all Xiaomi vacuums?

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I had all my Roborock vacuums set up in yaml. The most recent update has caused them to stop working, and trying to set them up through the UI Config Flow fails, using the same exact IP and API token as the yaml had. The yaml config worked for several years without any issue.

According to logs from trying to set up the integration through Config Flow, “DeviceException during setup of xiaomi device with host”

They are online and responding to pings.

Any idea what the issue is with the changes in the last update?

If there is no version listed in the integration manifest it is blocked.

There was plenty of warning for the developers to fix their integrations.

Are you saying that’s what the issue is?

Since it is a third party integration and many developers ignored the warning of the breaking change it might be work investigating.

I notice one integration even had a PR submitted by a user to correct it and it has been ignored for several weeks, leading to breakage.


Odd that “blocking” the addon still lets it show up in UI, attempt config, and run its (setup) code, though.

@Prodigyplace I just read some documentation that says “For core integrations, [the version] should be omitted.” What makes xiaomi_miio third party and not core?

It’s not 3rd party…

You may want to check the token. I had mine change once and had to grab a new one, though it seems an unlikely coincidence.

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Not a simple token issue unfortunately :frowning: I reverted hass to 2021.5.5 and everything started working again

Update for posterity: After waiting a few releases, it works.

Stayed on 2021.5.5 for the past month due to this issue, just updated to 2021.7.3 and it works.

All vacuums are discovered in the UI (as a “yaml import”). Upon clicking configure, the initial dialog says “Failed to Connect” for each vacuum. However, selecting vacuum.rockrobo from the dropdown and hitting “Submit” configures them properly.

Also, Xiaomi “fans” (air purifiers and humidifier) work fine since the update without any additional intervention (these were also broken when I created this thread)