Latest Update, ZwaveJS, Debian and Aotec stick issue and solution

Short story, have home assistant running as a VM under debian buster, using KVM/QEMU for the hyperviser and using an aotec z-stick for comms with the house.
Ran the latest host update at the same time as the most recent ha core/ ha os and zwave js updates and the zwave stick was no longer showing as a serial device in homeassistant (not in /dev or in hardware. Was seeing some errors in the logs in the host as well. After some 4 hours of trying different things found the solution was to switch the VM usb controller configuration to usb 3 (was on usb 2), everything came back up perfectly.
Host is running on an old Intel NUC with USB 3 ports.
I suspect something was changed with security on debian with a recent update that caused the issue as it has worked well for some years prior…

Hope that saves someone the hours I’ve spent :slight_smile: