Latest upgrade failed, backup restore too

Hi there,

yesterday I upgraded HAOS to version 11.0. Afterwards I was told that the setup failed and the system was therefore “unhealthy”. The only issue I could see was a failing to start Z-Wave. Not sure how this happened (in my opinion it shouldn’t), but I felt calm since I made a full backup before the upgrade process.

This was until I wanted to restore the backup. The system tells me that, because it isn’t “healthy”, I can’t restore the backup. I thought I got off at the wrong station. Isn’t that exactly why you would want to restore a backup?!

The only option I see now is to put a fresh image on the SD card and use the backup for a re-installation. Am I on the right path?

Thanks in advance!

September’s Z-Wave update was a train wreck. Not sure that this is causing your specific problem, but there are plenty of threads about it that you might want to investigate before going to the nuclear option on your system…