LCN send key to HA

how can i receive key from LCN? What is my trigger?

What LCN events are available to listen to in Developer Tools / Events?

i can see no LCN events

Quote from “LCN - Home Assistant

Alternatively, an LCN-PKE coupler can be used which offers two PCHK licenses. With this setup sending and receiving commands to and from LCN modules is possible.

but how

You need to send the hit command to the LCN-PKE/VISU in LCN-PRO as send key (old command).
Then in HA you define an automation with a the lcn device → receive send keys → key (the key you
send in LCN-PRO like a2) and the action hit. Then define the action in HA for it.

sorry, but I didn’t understand it.
I have a LCN-PKE but my Keys from a TU4H I couldn’t implement in HA