Lead-sealable water meter

I’m wondering If any knows if there are outdoor water meter what can be sealed against removal.
Another option could be that the alarm if pressure drops at their inlet site, which would indicate a removal.

I do ask, as I live in a house with 7 flats what share the water bill as there is only a house meter, but not a meter per flat. For the last couple of years, water consumption on the balconies has been increasing significantly, which raised some dispute about the water bill.
As we cannot install a water meter per flat, the installation of one at the outlet on the terrace or balcony is regarded as a compromise.
There should be ensured that this one cannot be removed or bypass, that is the reason of my question.
Of course, you can still connect the hose to your water outlet in the kitchen etc. Installing a water meter in the drain could detect such abuse.