Leak Sensors (w/ guaranteed future Thread support)

I have around a dozen leak sensors around the house. Most are from my SmartThings days so they are made by Centralite (model 3315-S). Some are starting to have issues which may be due to my mesh network or even ZHA, either way I am a bit tired of dealing with them, and above all replacing their relatively expensive CR2 batteries (I don’t get them from amazon due to high risk of fakes, only Digikey or Mouser). The sensor itself was also poorly designed as the battery gets stuck and it quite hard to pull out. The new Samjin / Aeotec version is much better but… $39.99?? Seriously?

Therefore… I am looking for alternative options. While I found lots of options on Blackadder’s site:

It is harder to tell which of those leak sensors are:

  • Work well with HA (ZHA)
  • Use cheaper, easier to find batteries
  • Have an upgrade path to Thread (Minimum Zigbee 3.0)
  • Batteries last a long time
  • Easily available in the US
  • Actually support the standard they adhere to properly
  • Unobtrusive

Aqara might be the most desirable in terms of design, but I really don’t trust them to adhere to standards. There are tons of people talking about issues and special software or work arounds to keep them connected. I read that their “T1” versions would fix that but I just don’t trust them. Same goes for Xiaomi.

Thirdreality is a new brand I heard of a while back but always ignored them due to unappealing design. Anyhow their water leak sensor is likely going to be hidden in most cases so it may be ok… it uses 2 AAA batteries and says it should last up to 3 years of them but I would not be too worried if it were less.

I’ve found postings that indicate they are willing to provide firmware updates, and I believe I read somewhere they would fully support Matter anyhow I am unsure whether that also means that it will be possible to update the firmware on their leak sensor to work with Thread.

Bottom line is that I don’t want to keep investing in Zigbee, as my end goal is to fully migrate to Thread over time.

What other devices do you suggest?

For some locations, such as the Utility room (washer dryer, freezer, etc) and the attic (tankless water heater, HVAC systems, etc) I am open to mains powered solutions to avoid needing to replace batteries at all. For those I am working on ESPHome solutions as I am adding additional sensors, but I am open to suggestions.

I have a Shelly Flood (bought July 2020). Have not replace the battery yet. It has saved me twice. And there have been a few firmware updates that installed without any issues.

The HA Shelly integration supports this without any issues either. I do not recommend using the shelly app for configuration - connect to the shelly device wifi ap and configure it via the web UI.

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Apparently the Shelly Flood has an ESP 8266 which makes it interesting as I am guessing I can convert it to ESPHome… Price is a bit on the high end compared to many other options so I’ll review other options first.