Led strip + PIR Sensor


I just wanted to know if somebody achieved that the lights are following you based on PIR sensor because I have a long hallway around 8m and I wanted to put led strip as light in the evening and few PIR sensor so I it only turn on a segment of it based PIR sensor. Maybe some suggestion to accomplish it would be great.

Thanks ahead.

I have the following setup in a long room but with Hue lights instead of LEDs.

Most LED strips that you can buy (non-Hue anyway) seem to be 5 metres in length.

You could buy two of these, with two separate controllers, and a PIR sensor at either end of the hallway. Each PIR should cover only their own end of the hallway and not be able to pick up motion at the opposite end of the hallway. So you’d have two separate zones with an LED strip and PIR in each.

Each PIR would pick up motion at their respective ends and switch on their respective LED strips and you would have a two-segment LED strip that lights up depending on which side of the hallway you’re coming from.

Hope that makes sense but I think it would work well.