Led Strips 200V to put around the bathroom mirror

I need to put a led strip around a mirror in the bathroom.
In my house I have many led strips from philips and govee.
However around the mirror I don’t have the space for these led strips (the power supply is too thick).
The best solution would be to have the led strip directly connected to the power (220V), but it’s not easy to find these products.
Can you please suggest a possible solution?

I think no matter what product you go with you are going to be stuck with some form of a power supply.
LED’s natively run at around 1.2 to 3.6 vdc there is no way to directly drive this without some form of a power convertor (Power Supply). Your best option is to have the power supply located elsewhere and only run the low voltage cable to the LED’s not ideal but likely your only option.