Let's Encrypt on HassOS

I almost hate posting this. Every thread I find has people debating hassio vs hass os. Talking about dockers. Has my head spinning. I’m not a linux guy. I am learning. But the debates are unnerving.

Bottom line:

I have HassOS running perfectly (at least for me) and have DuckDNS working with the ports forwarded correctly.

Now I want to secure it with Let’s Encrypt. Can anyone simply tell me how to get to get the certificate installed?

I certainly can’t do a sudo apt-get install certbot -y

I have been working on this for several days. Sorry to be so snippy.

Since you are running Home Assistant OS, you might want to use the Let’s Encrypt add-on.

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… the duckdns addon already has a Let’s Encrypt option in the config - just needs setting to true and the homeassistant configuration updating to use the certificate it generates.

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I had it installed. After reading the documentation again with fresh eyes, I finally understood (Sort of) what was going on. I have it running now. Thank you.

I had saw that… Just didn’t understand, Works well.

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