Lifx fx - is it possible to create a looping 2 color pulse effect script

I’m looking to develop a room effects panel/ card on my dashboard for Lifx bulbs.

I’ve created a color cycle script that works how I want and added that to my lovelace dash, but I’m having trouble creating a pulse script

Color cycle script

entity_id: >-
brightness: 255
spread: 0
period: 0.2
transition: 3
change: 3

The pulse script below does not work and when I remove one of the colors, it pulses between my existing white light and green … once… I’d like to be able to toggle it on and have it continue to pulse in loop like the color loop until I trigger a stop effect button… what am I missing?

entity_id: >-
brightness: 255
color_name: 'green,blue'
period: 2
mode: breathe

Obviously new to this, so I could be barking up the wrong tree.

Pulse only takes one colour and does not loop for longer than the number of cycles. You would have to write a script to set the other colour first and repeatedly call the pulse effect after a delay.

Tom, tried your suggestion, I was able to get it to work sort of… It seems that any repeat until or repeat while with a state condition made lifx perform weird (the lights would flicker rather than breathe… hard to describe/ picture - I know).

Repeat + count works so I have that and pulses set to 100 I think that’s about 22 hrs of pulsing so that should be fine. Not ideal but it is what it is. Thanks for turning me on to the repeat ability.

Did you have a long enough delay in the loop for the effect to finish?

You could also have done that by setting the pulse effect cycles: option to a large number. Probably only 8 bit unsigned, so 255 max. Could be 32bit, in which case 4,294,967,295 would be the maximum.

Action type: “repeat”
Repeat type: “until”