Light group not working with brightness as of 4.2021

I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this particular issue.

I have 6 different lights in my kitchen. 2 of these are z wave dimmers, and 4 of these are zigbee double-rocker aqara switches. All of the entities are listed as light.xxxx. The zigbee lights are using ZHA.

Previously, I had created a light group which encompassed all of these entities. Although the double rocker switches were technically listed as light entities, they do not have an ability to dim, but that didn’t cause issues, as I could turn on the light group and set the brightness. This would cause the dimmable switches to dim appropriately, but would just turn on the nondimmable switches. This worked perfectly (automations were done in node red).

When I upgraded to 2021.4, I noticed that this behavior became broken. I could turn on the light group, but if I set the brightness in the same call service request, then the nondimmable switches would not turn on. If I don’t set the brightness, then all of the switches will turn on, but I was wondering if anyone knew if this was a known issue, and whether there might be a solution.

I know that I could solve this by breaking up the light group, and calling the services individually but it is irritating that it was working perfectly for so many months only to be broken by a patch.

Anyone have any ideas on this?