Light Group unexpected behavior

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Here my first post on this forum, I’m using HA for few weeks now I progressing handling the concepts.

So going back to my problem, I’ve got 2 Hue white filament through Hue Integration in the same room. Both light are fully functioning and can be piloted through lovelace ui both On/Off and Brightness.

I’ve created a Ligth group ([](http://Ligth Group)) with both entities.
The group is working but in Lovelace, on top of On/Off and Brightness it shows Color temperature like you would expect for a Hue Color bulb.

Is this a bug? Is there any way to alter “capacities” of a Light Group? Should capacities be inherited from included entities as stated in documentation?

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Running Home Assistant 0.105.3

Not sure what you’re even asking here. Is what a bug? You say that it works as you expect here:

But then ask if it’s a bug. What is it not showing you that you expect?

What do you mean ‘capacities’? This is not lingo that is typically used when describing lights.

The only things that are inherited are shared supported features. Supported features are a fancy way to say “what home assistant supports” for your light.

Hi, Thanks for the help,

I feel we do not share the same vocabulary therefore i’m not very clear, so I will try to be more explicit

I’ve to Hue White Filament bulb (On/Off white light dimmable bulbs) that are working as expected

I’ve created a Light Group to group 2 of them:

  - platform: group
    name: TV Lights
      - light.salon_droite
      - light.salon_gauche

But in lovelace the UI is showing more control that the individual bulbs:

It’s not expected to have Color control over the group since individual light are not capable.

Hope it’s more clear

Here the UI from one of the single bulbs :slight_smile:

Ah yes, that’s more clear. I would consider this a bug with the hue component, but I need to see the supported features. Can you take a screenshot of the attributes on the states page for the lights and the lights group. Developer Tools -> States page.

Here for the individual bulb:

And there for the group :

Different “supported_features” indeed

I would expect them to have the same value. It might be worth issuing a bug.

I will fill a bug report then.

In the meantime is there any manual way to alter the “supported_features” of the Light Group Entity as a workaround?

Maybe, you can try setting it via the customization. Or in customize. I have no idea if this will lead to errors. Either way, set it to 41.