Light Groups in Google Home

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i have exposed my lights to Google Assistant and Google create a Light Group for all Lights in a room.
But i have some light, that should not be in that Group - but in Google Home Assistant.

Is there a way to create multiple light Groups in one room in Google Home ?

I can i exclude a light from a Google Light Group but put the light in the same Group?

Is there a soloution?


How have you exposed them to Google?
I’m using NubaCasa and have my Google linked via that.

You can go into those setting and enable/disable entities.
So you could create a group in Home Assistant and only expose that to Google?

Change this with your URL

Yes, i did that.
But google put them in one LightGroup in the Home App.

I will expose al lights, but not in the same Google Lightgroup, but in the same room.