Light `next_brightness` Attribute

There are various topics around about setting the brightness of a light without turning it on. Seems like that’s a hardware limitation that we can’t get around. However, it got me thinking a bit. Not sure what everyone’s use case is but mine is so that next time that light comes on it’s coming on a brightness level that was specified in the past. This seems like a pretty easy thing. Add a new attribute and a new service to change it. Next time the light.turn_on service gets called, we’d look to see if there’s a desired ‘next_brightness’ if so, we’d stick that value in and off we go.

Now this is not without some catches. Mainly - what happens if the light gets turned on OUTSIDE home assistant? I’m not sure what makes the most sense at that point. Anybody care to discuss/brainstorm? I’d love to have this type of functionality. I’d just need a little bit of input before I dive in.