Light on if a switch is not pressed within a specified time

Hello, I’m fairly new to HA, could someone please help me, I want that if a switch isn’t up by a certain time, e.g. B. is pressed until 8 am, an action like a light is turned on. What is the easiest way to solve this? I’ve already watched the videos, but I can’t get it. Thanks. :grin:

Actions works, trigger under time also works just have to find out where I set Mon to Fri, but how do I do that if the light only comes on when the switch hasn’t been pressed?

I’ve already spent hours with it, I just can’t get it out, not even with a helper

I personally would set it up in nodered. But I think you may be looking for an answer using the automations of HA itself? I can say, when I started using HA, a colleague recommended going for the nodered plugin, and learning that is something I have not regretted.

One thing I can think of to point you a bit in the right direction is to use helpers to remember if something has been pressed. Like a toggle. That you also reset again. There also is a variable project if your using HACS to store data into. For the weekday thing, in node red there is a node for it. I never did that myself as such in an automation. But sure someone will be able to easly show you.