[Light routine] How to detect if someone is standing or sitting

Hi there, first post here on the forum

- What I want to do,
I want HA to detect is someone is standing/walking or siting watching TV/work on PC and brighting or dimming the lights.

- The problem.
How do I detect cheaply if someone is standing/walking or sitting?

- The questions.
Dont kno if anyone knows, but can you mask off part of sensor to not detect with the lower half of the censor?

Can you use a camera and mark a detection zone, what would be a cheap one and what software to be used.

- Best solutions I found till now that would work, but not great.
Nyce curtain motion sensor expensive and out off stock.

Are there other curtain motion sensors that could be used?

Yes. But likely this will not help detect sitting and only miss the movement unless checking small area

Yes. Look at Frigate

Pressure sensor in seat?

Maybe assume seated if person in area but stopped moving

Do you actually care whether they’re standing or sitting? If the real question is whether they are still there, you might try a different approach.

In HACS there is an integration called Variables+History, which you can use in conjunction with motion sensors to create a variable holding the name of the room where motion was last detected. Besides it’s value, this variable has three attributes containing the last locations where motion was detected.

If they are all the same, the person has not left the room (working on the PC or watching TV). If the value of the variable is different from the history attributes, they have. You do need motion sensors in every room for it to work, so it may be too expensive. If you already have them it’ll cost nothing.


Missing sitting people is not a problem, I want the light to turn a bit brighter when standing up to get a drink or so, when watching a movie.

That would be a solution, and a lot of work, but properly still worth it. :slight_smile:

Think that would work too slow, I want the lights to go brighter, the moment someone stands up.

Have to think what solution I wane to go for an IR sensor or a camera, unless there are other/better idea’s.