Light signal badge is not shown in top bar

Dear all,

My excuses for newbie question. I have integrated HASS with Zigbee2mqtt in automatic discovery mode (mqtt.discovery: true). All devices have appeared in top bar (how is it called?) except the light which I have given the friendly name “Kitchen light”:
This light is present in Configuration → Customization:

I haven’t set hidden: true for any of devices… Maybe there is a limitation of items that are displayed? I am lost, I don’t know where to look and what to check.

How to force this light to be displayed at the top?

Thanks in advance!

Badges are for sensors, not lights.

Add a light card:

OK, but I have a badge for another light, called “Front door light”. It is identical to one I am missing.
If I go to Configuration → Integration → MQTT then the badge I am missing corresponds to MQTT queue sensor.0x000b57fffe3a5b79_linkquality:

If you edit the view you will find a tab called badges. Add it there.

Thanks, you suggestion routed me to a solution. I have ⋮ → Configure UI → ⋮ →Raw config editor and then I have edited badges: section. It worked as a charm! Though I haven’t found the “Badges” tab.

What you have done is great but there is an easier way. Stop after this:

Then do this: