Light Switch sometimes does not update state

I bought some of these switches from AliExpress, they are correctly recognized as _TZ3000_jl7qyupf.
While some of them work ok (even though there is a noticeable delay between pressing the physical button and the light turning on or off) some of them have troubles updating the state in Home Assistant.

When attempting to turn off the switch from Home Assistant the UI toggle moves back to the off position, and the light does turn off, but the state of the entity still stays with the on value.

If I try to force an update of the UI by pressing on the switch it does indeed show that it is still on. A second press on the switch finally updates the state showing it off. The light obviously is still off.

I tried to pair the switch multiple times and even changed coordinator without luck. I have other switches from the same brand which work just fine.

You have any idea what the problem could be?

Sorry for the bump. I bought and installed the same switch in my bathroom. Turns out this particular switch acts as a battery operated device, meaning it turns it’s radio off once in a while, even though it is powered by mains.

Now and then the status for me updates rather quickly, But I find these switches turning themselves on or off after they have received a command from HA. Only working reliably when using the physical buttons. Or just turning them on or off with a huge delay in between.

Not much to do about I believe. I am going to replace my switches with a neutral variant.

Hey, first of all thanks for sharing and I do appreciate the bump, nothing to be sorry about :smiley:

I have seen this story about the devices acting as battery operated but I still have some troubles believing it because I have the 1-gang version of exactly the same brand/model that works without issues.

I’ve only experienced problems with the 2-gang version of these switches and only for some of them. The one I have installed in the kitchen almost always works, while the one in the bedroom always has this behaviour that, once operated through hass, it will take a while to send back the status. Still, sometimes it works without issues…I really don’t know how to interpret that.

Regardless, do you have any suggestions about similar products from a different brand that works well with home assistant and are not too expensive? I still need them to work without neutral because this is the way my apartment is wired…