Light Transition not working?

I’m trying to use some simple light transitions, but they don’t seem to be working. Testing this with a light.turn_on Service call with the following data:

brightness_pct: 100
transition: 30
entity_id: light.derek_s_lamp

The light immediately goes to 100% without doing the transition. Seems to be the same for other lights too.

This particular light is a Hue bulb connected via the Hue integration and the light has supported_features: 41 which includes SUPPORTS_TRANSITION (32).

Any ideas why it’s not working as it should?


Did you ever figure this out? I’ve been having this issue since the last update (2021.2) and can’t seem to figure it out. Z-wave, Zigbee, multiple different brand bulbs.

I experience the same issue.

With automations, scenes or scripts there is no transition time active.
when one of them is started everything goes directly to 100% brightness instead of fading in :frowning: