Light.turn_on option to reverse brightness pct/step on min/max

Hello, I was trying to setup a brightness step for a button press when I got to thinking about this idea.

What if we had an option to reverse when the min/max limit is reached?

Example, we know the min/max is 0-100 or 0-255. the action would increase or decrease first depending on if the value is +/- till the respective limit is reached, then reverse course and go the other direction.

Additionally, we could allow a reverse_min/max different from the actual light and make the range more configurable.

This would allow a single button to function as a dimmer or allow an up/down to reverse course if held.

Thoughts or am I way off???

Is there a huge demand for that?

It’s a clumsy, inconvenient way to dim a light. If it’s 100% and I push the button (coded to increase by 10%), it goes to 90%. Fine. Now I want to put it back to 100%. How many times will I need to push the button for it to decrease to 0 before it reverses course and increases to 100%? (Answer: way too many times.)

Even if a press-and-hold action is implemented (to minimize button-pushing time) it’s still an undesirable user-experience to first dim from 90 to 0 before getting to the desired level of 100.

That’s why most remote controls uses two buttons for brightness control.

I never claimed it is the most efficient way, however, I have seen other posts as well who asked about something similar. Obviously a 2-button dimmer is optimal.

I have 2 6-button Xioami Opple panels (Upstairs / Downstairs) that each control a separate light. Each button has 1,2,3,hold actions available. I was simply just thinking of a way I could raise / lower the brightness. Everything is there in the service to accomplish what I’d want but what happens with the limit is reached.

I do see your point, however, forgive me, but I would think that at least a portion of changes/additions made are not in huge demand. They are simply changes/additions that allow people to do what they would like to do.

I believe it can be done with an automation or two.
But as someone who had dimmer working that way not that long ago I must say I hated it.
It was so annoying.

But if you want to try it then go for it.
If you can’t make it work with one button physically then do a software button setup and try it out for a few days.

Many additions and enhancements to Home Assistant are made by volunteers. If a Feature Request doesn’t interest one of those volunteers, it never gets included. Look through the list of Feature Requests and you will find many popular requests (many votes) and even they have not been implemented. The odds of adding a feature that provides an inconvenient way to dim a light is even less.

Anyway, if you really want to do this now, you don’t have to wait until it’s implemented as a native ability but can do it with an automation, just like Hellis81 suggested.