Lights switch on without trigger?


My SD-Card was broken and I had to install everything from scratch. But now, I have some wired results.

First, If I come home, all lights are switched on. But, the automation is not triggered. HA just switches all lights it found to on.

After a while, iOS Companion sets an other device to home ans also all lights are switched on without any trigger. I’m actually not sure about the devices as the reason of this. A few days ago I checked my new installation via VPN and every time an other light was on, randomly, sometimes in the kitchen, sometime in the sleeping room…

What is going on here? How can I stop HA to switch lights on? Which configuration could be the reason?

Check your logbook to see what turned the lights on.

Click → Open your Home Assistant instance and show your logbook panel.

@tom_l - how did you make that link?

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m) I got it… I added device_sun_light_trigger and forgot it… Can someone delete this thread? :slight_smile:

This does not explain the random part but this is not longer a problem. About the trigger I have some other questions later :wink: