Lights.yaml works but shows errors in VSCode

I have in configuration.yaml

light: !include lights.yaml

And my light.yaml works, but shows errors in VSCode

- platform: group
  name: "Parent Bathroom Spots"
    - light.parent_bathroom_1
    - light.parent_bathroom_2
    - light.parent_bathroom_3
    - light.parent_bathroom_4
    - light.parent_bathroom_5
    - light.parent_bathroom_6

Property platform is not allowed, property name is not allowed, property entities is not allowed.

Any tips would be appreciated.

im guessing a temporary error, probably just not loading the schemas correctly.

Alot of other files its doing the same thing to me as well.

binary_ and sensors_ , etc…

It’s an upstream issue with the home assistant helper extension. Not an issue with your config.