Lightwaverf using

So I have just entered the world of Home Assistant. I have started with on a PI3.

I have a lot of Lightwaverf and also have the link hub. I therefore need to integrate Lightwaverf. I have spent a few days learning and researching options on how to control the Lightwaverf. So far I have come up with:

  1. Buy an Rfxcom. I have found a number of people using these for the job.

  2. I have found a post showing a bash script to control the Link hub directly. This doesn’t mean a lot to me, but am I right in thinking that this can’t be used with If I wanted to use this method would I need to switch to using Home Assistant (i.e. not

Option 2 looks much more complicated (for someone with no experience), but I might be able to to get it working if it is a possibility. I didn’t want to spend the week trying to work out if it even can be done.

Is there another option?