Link Cards


Is possible link a card to other control panel view for when i made changes in one it changes in another?

I am not completely sure what you are trying to do, but here is some suggestions for custom cards that might solve what you want to do.
Conditional Card
Linked Lovelace
State Switch
Swipe Card

If those that not solve it, then write some more about what you are interested in.

I think I know what he asks for: with multiple dashboards you might have the exact same cards on them.
When you change a card on 1 dashboard, it doesn’t do anything to the ‘same’ card on the other dashboard.
So when making changes, you have to go over all the dashboards that hold that card.

I also wondered if it would be a useful feature, in a sense that this is really an addition to HA and not only for rare occasions.

Linked Lovelace or State Switch does that.

yes, i ask that