Liquid metering at home - how to integrate it

Have any of you used or seen liquid sensors in the house? Of course to make everything compatible with the stats in HA similar to what you see with the energy module.
It goes like this:

  1. Well water level sensor, let’s assume I already have one ready, which needs to be driven by 5V or 12V and in “response” flowing current with a limit of up to 20mA determines the level of the liquid. What hardware is best to use for this. The sensor shows the level of the water column, so it would be nice to have a live graph of some kind so you can give the height from to in meters.
    (b) In addition, the volume of the liquid, but that would be easy, just add the mathematical formula from the volume of the cylinder and multiply by the height.
    c) *optional: water inflow. That is, the difference in volume from (b) over time minus the outflow of water (about the outflow in the second point).

  2. What can you measure water intake with? Do any of you use? There is a pump in the well and this is where I would like to measure:
    (a) a graph with the current flow rate (if there is an intake)
    (b) the amount of water withdrawn (just like in the energy tab you can see kWh)
    Do you use something at your place? Maybe some kind of sensor, for example, from aliexpress, and for this make some kind of device? what do you recommend? Maximum flow rate up to 100 liters per minute I think can be assumed with a spare.
    But in this case different sensors, because some of the branches would have separate smaller intakes, so in general maybe there is a device to which, for example, several separate ones can be connected?

  3. Wastewater
    With this is the biggest problem. In general, it is difficult to find something, or even imagine how it would work because in the case of water we have a rather constant flow during the time it is drawn, while in the case of wastewater there is a larger diameter pipe, which flows a larger amount for a short time. Is it possible to measure this somehow?
    I have a separate pipe from the toilets and a separate one from the other sources, which measurement would be used to assess the environmental performance and possible re-recovery.
    I’ve seen some offerings of ultrasonic sensors for non-invasive measurement, but they are terribly expensive and I don’t think it would work (at least the ones I’ve seen) to integrate with Home Assistant.

Perhaps someone has implemented similar assumptions and will share their experience?

No solutions? :slight_smile: