List available events in the Device page

This is pretty simple, but somewhat confusing for people used to HA but not to adding “input-only” devices: it seems your new shiny button is broken/incomplete when the only thing you see in the device panel is its battery.

I know this happens because it makes no sense having an entity to show when the button is pressed - that’s what events are for. But the only way to know there are events available is proactively trying to create an automation from the device (or fiddle with other places, but all of them must be a user decision, they aren’t presented with the device page).

Thus, I suggest adding another block to the middle column, with the number/list of events (or event “sources”, such as single/double button) this device could trigger, or list under the “Automations” block the number of events available, instead of just saying “this block is empty”.

Maybe a little nite on the entity page about some device use events to communicate would be enough. A little like the note on the energy dashboard configuration that entities take a while to be shown.

Oh, and remember to vote for your own suggestion. :wink:

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