Loads of dev boards, modules, xiaomi aqara sensor, amazon, echo, fire, hue, pi, zwave, zigbee bits for sale

Hi All,

I have a load of bits that’s I’ve collected during various HASS projects over the years, I thought I’d offer some of it here before chucking in on the 'bay.

Aqara Door/Window Sensors
Xiaomi Door/Window Sensors NEW (The more rounded ones) - x2
Aqara Vibration Sensors NEW - x3
Aqara Motion Sensors NEW - x2
Aqara Temp Sensors - x1 New, x2 unboxed
Xiaomi Round Buttons/Switch - New x8 x4, x1 unboxed
Aeotec Multisensor 6 Used - x1
Fibaro Multisensor Used - x1

Microwave Radar Sensor RCWL-0516 Switch Human Induction Board Detectors - x10
ESP8266 Node MCU Dev Boards - x6 x4 unboxed, x5 sealed
AM2303 Digital-output relative humidity & temperature sensor/modules - x7 x5 open, x5 sealed
Mean Well IRM 03-5 AC-DC Single Output Encapsulated power supplys - x4 open
IR Human Sensor AM312 Mini Detector Module HC-SR312 Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion - x3 open, x5 sealed
HC SR501 Adjustable IR Infrared PIR Motion Detector Sensor - x5 open, x6 sealed
KY018 Photoresistor Modules - x9 in bag
Broadlink Universal RM Mini 3 - x1
NooElec R820T2 RTL SDR & DVB-T NESDR Mini 2 + Aerial and remote - x1 NEW
Wemos D1 Minis - x4 x3
Wemos Button Shields - x5 x3
Wemos Relay Shield - x2
Rotary Encoders KY040 - x10 + x5 Knobs
Ir Distance Light Detector Flying Fish MH Series - x1 open, x2 sealed
Happy Bubbles BT BTLE V2 2016 - x2
Probe Sensors - x2
Z-wave Greenwave 1-Port PowerNode NS210 - x2
Belkin WeMo Switch 51D F7C027 UK - x2
TKB Home TKBHOME TZ69E Z Wave UK Socket - x1
RFID RC522 (x1) + RFID NFC Card (x1) + NFC Tag Keyrings (x6)
TEMT6000 Ambient Light Sensors - x6
LED & Key TM1638 - x2
Node MCU Base v1 - x1 sealed
Texas Instruments CC Debugger - x1 sealed
Ewelink sonoff smart remote control 1ch DC 5v 12v 32v Wifi Switch, x2 sealed
50kg Load Cell Sensors - x4
W1-103-1 SPDT micro switch x2
CC2531 Zigbee Sniffer USB - x1
Ai-Light Flashing Jig for Ai-Thinker Bulbs USB/UART CP102 - x1
Assorted Resistors 1280 - x1 sealed
Development Bread Boards x3 x1
Philips Hue Hub (Gen1) + x3 Hue Whites + x1 Hue LUX
Google Chromecast Audio + USB Cable - x1
Itead Nextion 2.4’’ UART HMI Smart LCD Module Display NX3224T024 for ESP8266 - x2 new boxed
Various Buttons, button covers and pins
Jumper Cable/Wire Male and Female assorted

Amazon Echo Input - Boxed Sealed - x1
Amazon Echo Dot Gen1 White + PSU - x1
Amazon Echo Dot Gen1 Black + PSU - x1
Amazon Echo Spot + PSU - x1

Amazon Fire TV 4K (Square BoxVersion) + Voice Remote + PSU - x1
Amazon Fire TV Stick LY73PR + Voice Remote + PSU - x1
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Ultra HD E9L29Y+ Voice Remote + PSU - x1

Raspberry Pi 2 B v1.1 + Case + PSU - x1
Raspberry Pi 2 B v1.1 + Case - x1
Raspberry Pi 3 B v1.1 + Case + PSU - x1
Raspberry Pi Zero W v1.1 - x2

I’m sure sure on the rules for selling so please feel free to remove, I just thought I’d give the community the opportunity to purchase first. I have no idea how much any of this is worth, if I have to list the prices I will but it will take me some time. Feel free to make an offer if that’s allowed.

I would prefer to sell as much in bulk as possible.

I can ship to UK and Europe, collection is in Oxfordshire

Thank you!

Too many images to upload here, you can find them here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PDW7HWSPguTPCK1h7

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I’d probably be interested in the following (at least)

Happy Bubbles BT BTLE V2 2016 - x2
50kg Load Cell Sensors - x4
RFID RC522 (x1) + RFID NFC Card (x1) + NFC Tag Keyrings (x6)

Might take a couple of the door/window sensors off your hands, how much are you thinking?

Jesus you’re worse than me! I thought I had big pile of crap. This is insane. My tinkering senses are twitching right now.

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£35 + £3.65 postage for those items?

If anyone is interested in items it might be easier to do it via IM as this will flood quickly :slight_smile:

They seem to be going for around £10 + shipping on ebay.

£7 + postage per door/window sensor?

@andynbaker It’s taken me a few years to collect all this stuff but it’s just sitting here doing nothing now. I’m already using Aqara sensors in every room, these were just spares plus things I used to have time to tinker with. I just don’t have the time anymore!

Sent you a PM

Found a Xiaomi cube too, unboxed.

I have also found more reasonable postage prices to Europe now too.

Xiaomi Cube now sold

Just found x10 Microwave Radar Sensor RCWL-0516 Boards also. Added to the list.

Also, found these two boards. No idea what they are though?

If anyone wants all of the bits that are left (see first post) I’ll do them for £25 posted to the UK only. Otherwise I will be throwing it all out.

Thanks :slight_smile: