Local Access Issues

I’m having access issues, running home assistant OS on a VM. If I try and access home assistant via homeassistant.local:8123 or the IP:8123 it will only work once it’s freshly booted for maybe an hour and then I have no access. Running Virtualbox headless if that makes a difference.

Any ideas for troubleshooting? Cheers

What computer might make a difference. What is your hardware?

I have an old PC setup as a home server (running blueiris, plex, game servers and home assistant on VM)

Its an 8700k, 32gb ram, ethernet going to tplink ax11000

I would build a new VM and transfer everything over. I’m assuming it’s not memory or disk and the other VM’s are acting ok.

I’m using Windows as the server OS (not ideal I know, but Its what I’m used to and know how to get around) Memory is only at about 20% usage for the whole server.

Only running 1 VM for Home Assistant. Everything else runs in Windows.

What VM would you recommend? I was going to use Hyper-V but it doesn’t have USB support.