.local address not reachable anymore, due to Hass OS update?

I know I shouldn’t use network domain names like hass.iot.local & nas.lan.local. .local is a “special use” domain for multicast DNS. But I did and I haven’t had the time yet to rename all this.

Android 12 started to strictly implement networking rules and so I am not able to reach these domains from my Pixel 5 anymore.

Now, as of Hass OS 7.6 Hass is not able to connect to devices on the network with .local domain names either.

Can somebody confirm these stricter networking rules are also used by Hass (OS), or should I go troubleshoot elsewhere with my networking issues?

Just found out about this on Android 12. My solution is to create another DNS zone with a different TLD and records for the same IP addresses. Still have to update configs and certificates.