Location of www folder

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hello everyone,

im using Home Assistant Core installation_type on my Raspberry.
Where do I have to create the www directory ?

i tried:


but it did not work …

what am I doing wrong ?

thank you in advance

You create www in the same folder that has your configuration.yaml file and you have to restart home assistant after you create it

Thx, i can see the file /local/lovelace-text-input-row.js now in my Brwoser,

but the custom card does not work …


Advanced Features are enabled.

Are you entering that text in the lovelace GUI editor?

If so you need to remove the ’ - ’ and spaces before type and entities

Have you added that card to Lovelace resources?

Thx alot, it works now
@DavidFW1960: Yes card was added

That Code is working for me now:

  - entity: input_text.firetv_message
    type: 'custom:text-input-row'
  - action_name: Absenden ...
    icon: 'mdi:bell'
    name: ' '
    service: script.nachricht_senden
    type: call-service
type: entities