Logbook and state history not found

logbook and state they do not work and they are not saved and the writing goes out “No logbook entries found.” and “No state history found.”, how do I solve ??

Does the configuration.yaml file still have the following lines?

    # Enables support for tracking state changes over time

    # View all events in a logbook

If missing that will cause them to disappear from the UI.


thanks I did not realize that they were missing

restarted but the same does not work

No other ideas, unless something is killing it before they load. I am trying to get darksky working and the key in secrets was preventing my zwave from loading or showing on the configuration tab.

it all started when I added the backup from my old RPi1 B+

I solved by installing MariaDB

Having the same issue any way yo Solve it?

yes, you can resolve it but also put the component database string in the configuration.yaml file