Logger: bellows.ezsp.protocol

What does this mean and what can/should I do about this ?

Logger: bellows.ezsp.protocol
Source: components/zha/core/gateway.py:205
First occurred: 10:38:17 AM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 10:38:17 AM

Couldn't set EzspConfigId.CONFIG_PACKET_BUFFER_COUNT=255 configuration value: EzspStatus.ERROR_INVALID_ID

thats an error message from ZHA complaining about not being able to set some kind of buffer size on an item because said item had an invalid ID. But without additional context it’s impossible to tell. Are you experiencing an issue related to this? If so what?

I am not sure that it is related but for past 10 days or so almost every day during the night many Automations stop working (*) and Zwave devices no longer react from Dashboard or Iphone App and only solution is to restart HA, even sometimes only reboot of Yellow Box works.

(*) This morning one wake-up Automation that includes ZWave, Kasa and Lifx devices worked but other Automations did not.

this could be related if any of your automations include ZHA (Zigbee) connected devices and it happened around 10:38 A Otherwise HA throws TONS of error messages.

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Thanks. This may be helpful. 10:38 am was the approximate time that I did a HA restart after removing a device.
What I find interesting is that about 2 weeks ago I added a few (cheap) Zigbee water leak sensors and these keep going offline. The timeline could (but who knows…) be in line with moment that HA started having issues. For time being I removed these devices and will observe if that makes a difference.

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