Logging various "Events" for view in Dashboards?

I have an Alarm Panel in HA. I’d like to be able to log the various events that trigger the alarm for viewing in the dashboard.

For example, I’d like one single card to show: The last time the “Back Gate” was opened, the last time the dishwasher turned on, and the last time temperature in the garage went over 30 degrees.

I know I can access those by navigating to the specific entities, but is it possible to get all of the specified events shown in a single card in an “event log” type of format?

Maybe this?

Thanks for the input.

How feasible do you think it’d be to create a custom Entity and use Automations to update that Entity with the various attributes/states?

Then use an Entity Filter card to display it?

I came here looking for exactly what you described. Have you found something since then that fulfills this?

Unfortunately, no.

You might be able to get what you want with a simple logbook card. For specific conditions (like the last time the temp was hotter than 30°) you would have to make template sensors and then have those included in the entity list.