Login issue on new install

I am trying to install Hass.io on an RPi 3 B+. Burn the latest download (1.10) onto a card, connect to Ethernet and power, boot up. It does the “wait 20 minute” thing, that lets me set up a new user. After that though, it just sits on a “loading data” screen and spins. For hours.

What I just discovered is that if I open a private window, I can log into Hass.io, no problem. But not in the main broweser window, which makes me think it’s a login issue. Any advice?

I’m using Firefox 52.9.0 on Win 10. I also tried from Safari on iOS. Same thing. But a private window in firefox works…

ET:A: Clearing cache and cookies didn’t help.

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Are you using any ad blocking software, because there’s a known issue.

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The only ad block I have is Adblock Plus in Firefox, and disabling didn’t make a difference.

But I’ve now added ssl via DuckDNS, and reconnecting to “https://IPNUM:8123” instead of “http://IPNUM:8123” seems to have resolved the issue - it asked again for the password and started working.

Hi Juliean,
I’m experience the same problem and I found out that the problem is related when you ask the browser to save your password for the next logins. If you chose yes, then you will experience again the problem.
First time I did login I used http://hassio.local:8123, but now I only can access using IP or from other workstation browser because with IP I don’t have any password saved. Clearing any saved password in the browser didn’t help as well.
For sure there is a bug in version 77 because of the new authentication system when a fresh install is used.

Yes, that’s exactly consistent with what I was seeing.