Logitech Harmony removes local API


All I get is “Your harmony remote model is not supported by this utility”. Any other options?


I have a yellow banner where my Harmony remote used to be. :frowning:


I get the same message too! I hope there is a fix for this!


did you scroll down in the list? that was not immediately apparant to me.


Man I love this community. 1 day after the post and we’re 4 updates into the solution. Logitech’s PR team is probably praying this thing blows over. But we will remember, even if the amazing Devs find a solution for HA.


I have a feeling that all the amazing devs are going to figure this out…but if Logitech doesn’t make this right, I will never buy another Logitech product and will actively work against anyone buying their products.


Absolutely agree that Logitech is hurting us, but for some positive news, @ehendrix is working on a solution: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/19440


You are absolutely correct, it usually is something that is easily overlooked that I miss when I have issues. I did scroll down and was successful in the rollback! Thanks for pointing that out!


I’m also unable to perform this rollback. How do I check the current firmware on my harmony hub?


I received an update from a member for the harmony hub product team. https://twitter.com/joshuahandrich/status/1075196057917771777


I just rolled back all 3 of mine. Just follow the instructions at top. Once you are at the restore screen you’ll see the version. You can scroll down when you select the remote… That’s kinda hidden

EDIT: I can confirm all 3 are working as expected again.


Finally an update from Logitech. WTF!!! You just lost a whole tonne of customers!!!


Hi everyone,

Sharing our statement here - as well as posting in other areas.

Thank you.

Harmony Hub Firmware Update Fixes Vulnerabilities

Logitech recently released a firmware update for Harmony hub-based remotes that addressed some security vulnerabilities brought to our attention by a third-party cyber security firm. Logitech takes our customers’ security seriously, and we work diligently to fix these kinds of issues as they’re discovered.

Last week we began rolling out this update. We are aware that some customers using undocumented Harmony APIs for local home control were affected as a side-effect of our closing these vulnerabilities. These private local control APIs were never supported Harmony features. While it is unfortunate that customers using these unsupported features are affected by this fix, the overall security of our products and all of our customers is our priority.

We urge customers to update to this latest firmware, version 4.15.206. Please see this article for complete directions on checking and updating your current firmware version: https://support.myharmony.com/how-to-update-your-firmware

*Hub-based products include: Harmony Elite, Harmony Pro, Harmony Home Hub, Harmony Ultimate Hub, Harmony Hub, Harmony Home Control, Harmony Smart Control, Harmony Companion, Harmony Smart Keyboard, Harmony Ultimate, and Ultimate Home.

I’ve just fired off a tweet to https://twitter.com/ToddW_Logitech. He is the the Senior Manager, Product Marketing (currently Logitech Smart Home / Harmony, previously Logitech Gaming). Let him know how you feel.


Very disappointed by this news. :confused: Hope they change their position on this.


When I use alt +F9 on my keyboard it decreases the volume of my laptop. Is there another step that I’m missing?


You might need to press the FN button (near the space bar) to active the Fuction buttons. So press ALT+FN+F9


Let’s hope the work @ehendrix is doing on the websocket approach can get around all this.


FYI, I just tweeted at Todd Walker, asking if they would consider officially documenting the websocket API, and got this response:

I’ll raise this with the team, but we currently have no plans to reenable local control.

This makes me believe that the websocket will be shut down, locked with some sort of unobtainable key, etc. in the future and we’ll be going down this road again.

Time for some enterprising entrepreneur to get to work and make a local-focused smart remote solution!


I’d be “ok” if they have an official (public) cloud API as well.


I have a similar fear, if they are serious about security issues with local access this might be the next thing to go! And then we are in a constant battle between their devs and our devs on outsmarting each other.
Why not make a secure, local, well documented API and grab the Home Automation market?


This tweet tells we are not getting it back, really sad! for us “subset of customers …”