Logitech Harmony removes local API


I realy hope this is not the end of thing. In a perfekt world. Logitech would maby have ginen out a hand and offerd support for Homeassistant. and a way to make it work together. this is one realy hard smash in my automasation.

Ive posted on Tods twitter hoping he will help us get a working solution going. https://twitter.com/ToddW_Logitech/with_replies

I think a better way to make this work is not to lash out in anger. but to embrace in a working relationship were we work together to make the system work. Just as they made support for other systems. Why would they not be willing to make homeassistant work. And maby better then it did before.


Not sure if you did this already but maybe handy to send him some links/highlights with reactions (twitter, reddit /r/homeassistant, their own forum)…


Their track record isn’t great on this already. Instead of creating a local login for security, they created a cloud only login. They made an active choice to force automation into their cloud.

EDIT: I don’t want to use anything that is cloud based. I’m sorry, but if the internet goes down, all automations should work. I didn’t buy smartthings for a reason. Same situation goes for harmony. It appears as if their current API solution requires a login verification via the cloud. The product is dead to people like me.


Too late, already sent but one can only assume they are aware, if not there really is no hope for them.
Just spent a hour reading the twitter posts, it’s ruined their pithy marketing campaign.


Well as it looks from post today a Hot fix is inc. But i agree. I dont like what companys are doign moving to the cloud. But Everyone is doing it. and will do it. Cause thats how they controll that people that use there service have payed for it.

So it wont matter if you and me hate it. they are gonna do it. Cause i would do it aswell if i were them to make more money. But. diffrance between them and me is that id make sure as many user as possible could use my produkt. Even if its in the cloud. And sins this is a automasation produkt. Id make dam sure all automasation software had support for it. Cause thats gonna make me get more money.

I dont think Logitech would in a right mind be closed to open upp a door for homeassistant in another way.


Got a link?

Oh I know. It can be fruitless, but it gives me satisfaction sometimes.


Update 4 (18 dec): No word from Logitech yet on the future of the XMPP-based local API. Home Assistant developer @ehendrix23, with the help of @chadcb and other amazing people in the comments to this post, did manage to figure out how the local websocket API works for the Logitech Harmony, which is also used by the Logitech Harmony iOS app. There is now an open pull request for Home Assistant to update the Harmony integration to use it. This PR is currently being tested, and if all works well, will be released as a hot fix on the 19th.

Screenshot of GitHub.com showing a pull request to Home Assistant to update their Logitech Harmony integration to use the local websocket API.


Ah, not a Logitech firmware hot-fix… That’s what I thought you meant.


For a longer term solution you can switch IR control to a locally processed device:



If you have discovery turned on you can ignore specific platforms:

    - sonos


Thank you, I tried this once and for some reason had trouble but will try again. Is there a place to remove discovered platforms? I have never installed anything logitech… but I do have 3 hubs and HA found them… everytime I reboot my HA instance my tv turns on… annoying

actually I just realized it’s my discovered AppleTV thats turning it on, when I reboot HA it pings the AppleTV causing it to wake up which wakes up my TV.


Anyone look at https://neeo.com/ ? Looks like they are developer friendly.


Sure, it looks pretty nice and looks like the functionality is there.

But it’s also $400 which is 4x the cost of the Harmony hub. An option certainly, but I wouldn’t call it a good option for most.


The list on the Harmony Elite combo is $350. The neeo brain only is 200 vs the Harmony Hub only list for $100. I’m with ya on the high cost, but if they have a commitment to the development community. It might be worth it since Logitech seems to want to give us a Big F* You. (If you have seen their public response)


I understand we’re all upset. I’m in the same boat; I own 2 hubs and have recommended the product to several friends as well. I’ve spent hours of my life writing harmony-centric integrations and custom lovelace cards. Obviously I will never buy a Logitech product again. I’ve updated my reviews, scorned and shamed their idiotic reaction across all internet mediums, etc. I hope the harmony series crashes and burns in favor of some unknown superior open-source solution as soon as possible.

BUT until then… aren’t we safe for a while?

Given that the websockets replacement is already part of the latest HA build [big :pray: to @ehendrix, @bachya ], that brings us back to feature parity for the time being, right?

And given the glacial pace of their dev team (this deprecation took them 5 years from announcement to actually roll out), can’t we expect this patch to last us through for at least a year or two minimum? They’d have to remove whatever references they have to the websocket code in their iOS app, which i doubt is an existing part of their roadmap… etc.

Just curious what you guys think on a practical standpoint, instead of the obvious, guttural hatred we all have culled since their asinine announcement.


This is very disappointing…

Logitech’s own support for multiple hubs is needlessly complex. I don’t look forward to using the mobile app to control multiple hubs because instead of just allowing you to see each hub on your network and accessing activities, you need to switch from hub to hub to control them. Clunky and time consuming depending on how quick it’s able to access the Logitech cloud!

And using Alexa for voice control requires a second skill for a secondary hub, and the secondary hub requires the phrase, “Alexa, ask Harmony to…”.



Wow, that was a quick fix/workaround. So, quick question. Is there anything special that needs to be done with the latest HA version to use the hub(s). Or just update HA, and I’ll be good if my firmware updates?


I believe the latter… but I’m also waiting on more of a response to my comment before I update :sweat_smile:


This is fairly terrible news.

I am wondering if this is opportunity though for HA. There is obviously a cloud API that is available as they have integration with SmartThings. Is this something that the new HA cloud could partner with Logitech to take on. This may be an opportunity for them to have a PR win after this last week. @balloob I know you tried to reach out to them, but sometimes misfortune leads to opportunity.


Just realized the 3rd party Windows app I use to control Harmony also died with this update. Ugh ;/

Thanks HA team for putting in a quick fix!