Logitech Harmony removes local API


It’s also give live in TheRegister a UK satire tech blog.
It’s written how we all feel :grin:


Yeah I saw someone say (on the logi forums I think) that they had technically announced depreciating that api a while ago.


Not strictly factual though is it, yet more bleating that Logitech removed what is in reality a convenient loophole rather than a promised and supported feature!


This worked for me too. Back in business.

The command needs to be executed from docker cli container. So must have SSH add-on installed and configured first.


Oh no, don’t get me wrong. They are known for funny twists on tech news. They aren’t a go-to for A* factual thought provoking detailed news pieces.
I just meant it’s bleeding out into other sites.


Not really the point though is it? They’re entitled to close such unsupported features whenever they choose. The fact is, in this case a large proponent behind the recommendations for the hub is its flexibility and broad interoperability that has made the hub successful. Logitech have known this and benefited from this for years, if they don’t know, then that is even more disappointing and more reason for people to be upset. On that basis, the way they have just steam roller-ed this section of their user-base, especially so close in follow-up to the previous link debacle, is more the point.


@coedy Indeed, wasn’t having a go at you :slight_smile:

@BodgeIT, yes, it’s exactly the point, I’d put money on 99% of owners use it exactly as intended and the rest of us just think we’re lucky we can do other things with it. Now, if people want to take the risk by buying something that has a function that isn’t offered as part of the deal that’s their look out.

A lot of the devices we have the most fun with are exactly that, ie anything that we can use differently to how the manufacturer intended, eg things we can flash with different firmware or have backdoors that can bypass the need to use the intended apps. A huge number of people by Sonoffs, Yeelights, Hue lights etc etc and use them exactly as intended. If a manufacturer wanted to close these backdoors they are well within their rights and we just have to lump it as it wasn’t part of the deal in the first place. Now, if Hue suddenly stopped all their bulbs working with existing hubs you’d have something worth banging on about but with Logitech this isn’t the case especially as they left a door open which will do the same job with some speedy work by those with more knowledge than ourselves have already solved.

The one bit I would agree with is they could’ve handled their PR a lot better but that’s probably just down their publicity bods not talking to their IT bods.


how do you get that list ? i mean the mirrored ip’s

also i domain still needs to active, otherwise you cant use the App anymore, for a new sync of updating configuration any1 knows what that domain is?


does any1 know the IP that you need to UNBLOCK , so that the android APP for harmony still works? becuase if you block internet from the hub completely, android app is not working also :> so you are not able to make configuration changes of your remote :frowning:


check this post above. Look for @mtannerauo 's post. With trial and error you should be able to work it out but these IPs may change, so beware.


yes, indeed it maybe safer on dns names
but does any1 knows then what dns to block and witch ones to unblock, so you can still change settings on your remotes, but the firmware update will fail …


I’m not an entitled individual, I don’t expect Logitech to support my “unusual” use of the device, but the device is mine. I don’t expect them to change the functionality without any warning. A simple message that a firmware update was pending and what it would do, to allow me to make an informed decision as to whether I value the functionality over the additional security would have been all that was needed. I would not have had a problem with that.

the fact that people have been asking for details of an official supported API for 3 years which would negate the use for this workaround is another matter, and something that is worthy of ire.


Yep, that’s exactly my point, they didn’t handle it as well as they could though whether it would’ve been worded in a way that made the side effects obvious is debatable BUT it’s an entirely different situation to the Harmony link debacle which people keep comparing it to where they blatantly broke a promise of what the product would deliver.


My email to Darrell Bracken brought this response from William Wong:

I oversee the Customer Experience team for Harmony.  I was made aware of your email regarding the impact of firmware 4.15.206.  Thank you for sharing your feedback.  I apologize for any issues this has caused you and your mother.

If you were not aware, there is a discussion on the topic in our community forums - https://community.logitech.com/s/question/0D55A00008D4bZ4SAJ

There are quite a few questions in the discussion - any responses or updates from Logitech will be made there.  Please subscribe to it.

Thank you.

Pretty generic I imagine but possibly hinting at a future response?
My response back to William & Darrell:

Thanks for taking the time out to reply.
I am aware of the discussion you've referred to.

Unfortunately, the standard response provided to date, doesn't change my personal view on this matter. 

I think many of us affected,  fully appreciate your (Logitech's) need to respond to advised security issues and your total right to close/secure perceived security issues.
However, I re-assert that at least some of the success of this specific product has come directly from advanced users waxing lyrical about about how open, flexible and interoperable the product was.
I won't pretend to know the math but it is significant.  I'm just so surprised you have dismissed this contribution, through the nebulous response, to date.

As user and a business owner, I'm just appalled at the lack of courtesy shown to this section of your users.  
As user and a business owner, I'm confused at how you can overlook such a massive business opportunity, to engage with and "harmonise" with an incredible, talented and energetic community. 
As one of our community developers put it " Your official implementations of things we’ve accomplished ourselves, are actually inferior.".  Just look, you'll see this is true.
Your product IS good, it could be GREAT. When I look at the "Smart Home" integrations available in the Harmony app, I see 5 or 6 possible integrations.  Powered by something like Homeassistant, the Harmonyhub, which can control thousands of devices can integrate with hundreds of automations, services, platforms and controllers.  Can you see the potential?  It's a perfect synergy/partnership/opportunity, how have you missed it?

Thanks for taking the time to read my email, thanks to Darrell for passing this over to you to respond to.

Homeassistant's talented development team has already resolved the issue and people's systems are returning to full functionality. It took 1 day.  1 day to prevent a publicity crap storm that could have been avoided, that could have been used as an opportunity to benefit everyone. 

Merry Christmas

apologies for the syntax/markup


Posted at Logitech forum aswell to give as much voice as possible to this issue.

What alternatives to Harmony Hub is there if they decide not to open API or give us something to work with?

Thank you everyone for all the hard work with Home assistant! i am hooked with automating all the things (using hassio for a couple of months now) :slight_smile:


Seems like they need to rename “Harmony Hub” to “Not So harmony Hub”.


No worries, I did that and the solution suggested worked for me.
If anyone else has this issue I had, you need to delete your deps folder


Upgrading to latest at least returned the ability for HA to control my Harmony again. Thanks very much for the quick turnaround. I will say that Google Mini -> HA -> Harmony used to be near instantaneous and now seems to be about 10 or 15 sec round trip. Lights and other services are still working as fast or faster using voice commands.

It’s a first world problem for sure but does knock voice commands out of the realm of usable for now.



I wrote an email to Heise four days ago… They just put it in their news as everyone else was writing about…


I also upgraded to the latest version of Hass.io and the Harmony component is working again. There’s only one real big downside for me. I use the current activity state to trigger an automation. The problem now is that the state is updated really slow which makes it unusable.