Logitech Squeezebox can access only one server

Hello, I’m newbie, I use Home Assistant 0.114.1 and more than one Max2Play (Logitech Media Server Version: 8.0.0) on RPi.
In documentation for Logitech Squeezebox is “do not use .yaml and use orange plus to add integration”.
One integration is already configured.
When I click “+” and configure (another) IP of LMServer I get error. “Device is already configured”.
I try this with .yaml too (more hosts/media_players), but I’m not able to use more LMS servers.

How can I add next LMServer to HA?

Any advice? Thank you.

May I ask why you are using multiple servers?

I run one server and have multiple clients connected to it, thus I only need to configure one server in HA and the clients show up automatically.

Because I want to play different streams (including TTS) in different locations.
Did I miss something in LMS (globally)?

That’s a player level thing, not a Squeezebox thing.

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So, I miss understood LMS configuration.
I will write response for others, when i finish this.
Thank you.