Long-Lived Access Token question


I run HA on RPi using 32GB SD Card and i wanted to know if there is a way to backup my Long-Lived Access Tokens (LLATs for short) in case disaster strikes (RPi failure or SD Card corruption).

For example, If i restore my configuration snapshot to a new RPi HW + SD Card, will the old system LLATs work?

Or, if i clone the SD card to an image file and then restore it to a different SD card on the same RPi / new RPi, will the old LLATs work in that case?

  • Cooper

Yes they will.

Yes this should work too.

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I store all mine as secrets in my secrets.yaml file as they are created since I need most of them in my config anyway. They aren’t any more sensitive than anything else in that file and if I happen to need to reenter one (ie vscode on a new machine) it’s a simple copy/paste away.

Thanks for the answer gents.

I have another issue
I would like to restore only my Long-Lived Access Tokens from backup
Is it possible?
Thanks in advance for any help