Looking for a deadbolt that actually works with HA

Been looking for a while for a deadbolt that actually works with HA and meets my criteria. So far I haven’t had much luck. I’m looking for a deadbolt that…

  1. Communicates via WiFi, BLE, and/or Zigbee (not z-wave)
  2. Does not require a special hub (ie: Aqara)
  3. Black, contemporary design
  4. Works in North America market (US)
  5. Works with HA (of course)

So far I’ve tried the following…

  1. Aqara Smart Lock U100: [FAIL] requires an Aqara hub but it has zigbee and looks nice.
  2. Wyze Lock Bolt: [FAIL] This had bluetooth but it did not work with the integration.
  3. Yale Security Assure Lock 2 (bluetooth): [FAIL???] I currently have this one and it worked for a few days then failed to connect. I think the lock may be bad so I’ll need to swap it out so this may actually be okay.

I was also looking at the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro with bluetooth/wifi but I haven’t found anyone who has this working. I do see that the Z-Wave version works but that one wont work for me.


Looks like you’re looking at locks with Northamerica form factor so I’m going with that next time when asking for devices be sure to mention your geography. It matters.

I go by security rating first then build quality next. (remember it had to be a good lock first THEN smart) Because of this I currently only ever use Yale and Schlage. I can bump key most Kwikset locks in ten seconds flat. The Utraloq recently earned an ANSI grade 1 security rating but uses a Kwikset style keyway so also is vulnerable to the same rake and bump key attacks a Kwikset is vulnerable to. (read: I’m in in 10 seconds)

Of those Yale has better connectivity (they use replaceable modules for different radios) and Schlage is a better build quality but the radios are quirky.

Both Yale and Schlage are available in multiple radio types.

For my money I’m still installing Schlage connect (ZWave).

LOL - I know that lock - and its not one on my door :wink: (love LPL…)

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Thanks for the info!

I’ve had this Schlage Zigbee deadbolt for a few years now. Very reliable and totally local.