Looking for a HA compatible room door opener

Hi, and a Happy New Year to all of you,

I am looking for a device to attach to one of our roomdoors to let it open automatically (electrically) before the robovaccum cleaner starts. The reason is, the vacuum robot is placed in the storage room and when it is used the storage room door should open automatically so that the robot gets out of the storage room. The dooropener should keep the door open while vacuuming and if the robot docks to the station the door should be closed again (of course this I would create as a routine in HA then).

The device should be working with Home Assistant. Do you have any expiriences with such devices and can recommend something. The internet does not really show a lot of such devices.

The door is pretty lightwight, less than 80kg made from wood.

thanks for any recommendations, hints and tips.
best regards

I’m planning to build something similar for my robomower, as you say there’s not a lot of such devices available. I’m guessing DIY would be the route to go here, unless you find a door pump that you could trigger with for example a smart plug.