Looking for a 'Home Assistant' Developer/Integrator/Guru (£/Paid) to code in house (UK) this is ok to ask HA?

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Looking for a Developer/Intergrator (£/Paid) to code in house for my new home. Not looking for someone just to do it all and leave it, looking to be show everything that’s going on so Im learning at the same time.

  • Wanting it learn how its done and not just have it done for me.
  • Multiple protocols.
  • Large budget and all current tech is within two years old.
  • Friendly service.
  • If from the UK then happy to provide paid accommodation in a nice hotel nearby depending on how long it takes.

Pop me a message or reply if you’re interested. Would also be happy for it to me done remotely but ideally in-house would be best (North West England). I really don’t want to go down the control4, Creston, Savant etc route.