Looking For A Leak Detector That Doesn't Use Zigbee

I have several of the Aqara leak detectors, but am having a lot of trouble keeping the Zigbee dongle connected to Home Assistant and I’m having to regularly reboot HA to get the connectivity back…That has gotten old and I’d really like to move away from Zigbee. I have Googled it and looked on YouTube, but can’t really find a good article/video that includes Home Assistant compatibility without the use of a Zigbee dongle.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Look into using Zwave. Zooz makes some leak sensors and good products in general.

Look at yolink. I have 16 of their leak detectors running. Very solid, great range, economical. Although they currently utilize the cloud, they also have device to device connectivity ( for example, mine all will directly shut off the house water if a leak is detected - even if the power, internet, etc are all out)

A common mistakes with leak detectors is their placement behind metal objects, like washing machines, dishwashers, water tanks and boilers.
These objects will block the radio signal.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I’ve had good luck with hub based systems (Hue and Lutron) so I ended up going with the Yolink sensors. They were integrated into HA super easily.