Looking for a reliable smart plugin

Hey guys,
I currently have two WiFi plugs that work with Home assistant.

  1. Sonoff basic.
    After I flashed Tasmota into it, it works perfectly with MQTT. Response is quick. Never goes down. However, the bare electric cable is too dangerous for children. It doesn’t have ground prong. Besides, it’s not very good looking.

  2. Tuya plugs. They are small, neat and cheap. You can buy four of them on Amazon for $20. However, to control with HA, I have to use either IFTTT webhook, which responds very slowly, or use pytuya, which is extremely unstable. It’s quite often that TCP request from HA is reset by plugin or just timed out.

I’m looking for one that is compact, stable and completely programmable. Do you guys have any nice WiFI plug recommended? Thanks a lot.

Now there’s a tool call tuya-convert that can flash Tasmota into these tuya devices using OTA!!

I don’t know what Tasmato is.

What about sonoff’s products other than the Basic, like the s20 or s30? https://www.itead.cc/smart-home.html

The other option is to house your sonoff basic (and don’t forget to make the earth lead continue through!).


How to do this: https://youtu.be/8mz5sCAvDAY?t=547


Tasmota is a third party firmware for ESP8266, especially for Sonoff series devices. I gotta say it’s the best firmware I’ve every used.

I’ve watched this video before. But to be honest it still doesn’t meet my expectation. What I want is a compact plug, like this one https://www.amazon.com/EFUN-Required-Protection-Retardant-Assistant/dp/B07DCJ4V1Y/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=lamps-light&ie=UTF8&qid=1541664876&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=smart+plug&psc=1

Look at the S20 or 30 @nickrout linked to. They can also be flashed with Tasmota


I’m not sure if it’s easy to open the case and flash the chip. Will look into it.

Btw, I just realized I was misspelling Tasmota all the time. Thanks for pointing out.

Home Assistant does have a Tuya platform component, easy to setup and no need for pytuya. I use the Blitzwolf BW-SHP2 Tuya/Smart Life compatible plugs with it, no issues with stability.
Only downside for those plugs is the Tuya component does not support the Power usage data from the plugs (yet?).

The only problem with Tuya is that it needs to connect to the Tuya server to work.

I can also recommend Sonoff S series of plugs and the Blitzwolf one. Relatively easy to flash if you have basic soldering skills (S20 can even be flashed without soldering).
And yes, Tasmota is one of the most powerful yet most simple to use firmware in the home automation space

Actually Tuya devices can be controlled with LAN UDP request. That’s what Pytuya is doing. Still, very unstable.

i use the sonoff S26, bit of a pain to flash with tasmota (access to pins is tricky) but is very stable


it doesn’t look like they have power monitoring… I would want that at least in some instances for automation triggering

depending on your location Blitzwolf SHP2 (and potentially SHP6) is your answer

edit: there’s a US version now with power monitoring and you get two for the price of one :smiley: Blitzwolf SHP3

I tried the Tuya component, but there are still several problems.

  1. The response takes about 3 seconds.
  2. Every switch has identity name like switch.03200329b4e62d0c99sa. This is not very intuitive when designing automations.

I have about 15 TP-Link HS110 and had them for about a year.
Very stable. One of them reset itself within this period but apart from that I had no problems.

I was not aware you already tried the component or did know about that. I do not experience any significant delay compared to other solutions like Sonoff basic’s, S20’s or Broadlink, I have a nearly instant response.

Agreed on 2. though, you have a valid argument there. You definitely need some kind of reference list between switch id and friendly name making the automation design somewhat bearable.

It doesn’t look like they do an Aussie version unfortunately. Do they need to be firmware flashed to work with HA?

The Sonoff are easily opened and flashing is a piece of cake. I have 4 S22’s flashed with Tasmota. Easy flash.

I don’t understand the complaint about unintuitive switch names. It’s pretty much a once off set and forget for an automation and you can customise to a friendly name.